BoxJellyfishCoverArticleA full and up-to-date list of publications can be found on Google Scholar. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a reprint of any of our papers or check for them on ResearchGate.

Selected publications

*Lab member

Anthony CJ*, Lock C*, Taylor BM, Bentlage B*. (2022). Coral-associated dinoflagellates (Symbiodiniaceae) undergo seasonal photosystem acclimationbioRxiv.

Anthony CJ*, Lock C*, Bentlage B* (2022) High-throughput physiological profiling of endosymbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodiniaceae) using flow cytometry. bioRxiv.

Shimpi GG*, Bentlage B* (2022) Ancient endosymbiont-mediated transmission of a selfish gene provides a model for overcoming barriers to gene transfer into animal mitochondrial genomes. BioEssays.

Lock C*, Bentlage B*, Raymundo LJ (2022) Calcium homeostasis disruption initiates rapid growth after micro-fragmentation in the scleractinian coral Porites lobata. Ecology and Evolution 12: e9345.

Anthony CJ*, Heagy MK, Bentlage B* (2022) Phenotypic plasticity in Cassiopea ornata (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa: Rhizostomeae) suggests environmentally driven morphology. Zoomorphology 141: 115-131.

Fifer JE*, Bui V, Berg JT*, Kriefall N, Klepac C, Bentlage B*, Davies SW (2022) Microbiome structuring within a coral colony and along a sedimentation gradient. Frontiers in Marine Science 8: 805202.

Gault JA*, Bentlage B*, Huang D, Kerr AM (2021) Lineage-specific variation in the evolutionary stability of coral photosymbiosis. Science Advances 7: eabh4243.

Bentlage B*, Collins AG (2021) Tackling the phylogenetic conundrum of Hydroidolina (Cnidaria: Medusozoa: Hydrozoa) by assessing competing tree topologies with targeted high-throughput sequencing. PeerJ 9: e12104.

Fifer J*, Bentlage B*, Lemer S, Fujimura AG, Sweet M, Raymundo LJ (2021) Going with the flow: How corals in high-flow environments can beat the heat. Molecular Ecology 30: 2009-2024.

Berg JT*, David CM*, Gabriel MM*, Bentlage B* (2021) Fluorescence signatures of persistent photosystem damage in the staghorn coral Acropora cf. pulchra (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) during bleaching and recoveryMarine Biology Research 16: 643-665.

Bentlage B*, Osborn KJ, Lindsay DJ, Hopcroft RR, Collins AG (2018) Loss of metagenesis and evolution of a parasitic life style in a group of open ocean jellyfish. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 124: 50-59.

Kayal E, Bentlage B*, Pankey MS, Ohdera AH, Medina M, Plachetzki D, Collins AG, Ryan JF (2018) Phylogenomics provides a robust topology of major cnidarian lineages and insights on the origins of key organismal traits. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18: 68.

Narwani A, Bentlage B*, Alexandrou MA, Fritschie KJ, Delwiche C, Oakley TH, Cardinale BJ (2017) Transcriptomics of species interactions and coexistence in freshwater green algae. Journal of Ecology 105: 580-591.

Bentlage B*, Peterson AT, Barve N and Cartwright P (2013) Plumbing the depths: Extending ecological niche modeling and species distribution modeling in three dimensions. Global Ecology and Biogeography 22: 952-961.

Bentlage B*, Cartwright P, Yanagihara AA, Lewis C, Richards GS and Collins AG (2010) Evolution of box jellyfish (Cnidaria: Cubozoa), a group of highly toxic invertebrates. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277: 493–501.

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